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18 Responses to 01 – iScope 2c

  1. oz says:

    We NEED for you to be able to print reports and also a mac desktop version that links to the ipad and iphone are the main things needed.

  2. Jeff Mastromonico says:

    Any Idea when iscope 2 will be available? we have been waiting for the team integration, ext that is missing in iscope 1

  3. Martín says:

    Please add option to report dashboards, and option to edit graph titles.

  4. Bill Carruthers says:

    Be able to copy a task and its sub-tasks to duplicate repetitive tasks in different parts of a project

    • iscope says:

      Hi Bill,

      We thought about it, and try, but the thing is when you want to paste it on a different line, it’s not possible because of the 3 levels hierarchy, and leaves a mess (belive me!). You can copy and paste a single task with their info, but not with their subtasks.
      Still we’ll keep working in this till we find a proper solution, not soon sadly.

      Keep on with the feedbacks! Are always usefull for us.


      Dani @ iScope

      • Tony says:

        Hi can you explain how to copy and paste a task? I can’t find any button to access that function.

        • iscope says:

          Hi Tony:

          on your iScope 2c app, first check the top-right button to edit a task. There appear a ‘Copy Task’ button. Then create a new task (top left ‘plus’ button), and now will appear a ‘Paste Task’ button. This will copy the information of the first task into the new task. Now we are working to improve this, so you will be able to copy a task with all it’s subtasks.

  5. Jay F says:

    Would like the ability to link with Evernote as well as Dropbox

    • iscope says:

      Hi Jay!

      Evernote is in future plans, but you can link with Dropbox! on the Full version of iScope 1 and of course in iScope 2c too.
      If you need help with this, please send us an email ( or asks us here :)

      Kind regards

  6. This app is the closest I’ve found so far to what I’m looking for. Import contacts, tasks and sub tasks, notes, import pdf’s… fantastic. However, the types of project setups we do at work require a setup that acknowledges that I may not be in charge of the project and everyone elses work…. but I still need to be aware of them. So, the things that could be very helpful.
    1. Contacts: Be able to have contacts assigned to a project as roles without necessarily having tasks. We often have team members who are needed as approvers, or as consultants. It’s helpful to keep track of them when you have multiple projects. However I can’t create a team list… Only a list of people who’ve I’ve assigned a task to. Having a separate page for “Project members” would work. For the general public this may include client contacts as well. People you want to keep track of related to roles in the work, but not necessarily related to any task.
    2. General Notes and PDF. Some notes and PDFs simply having either nothing to do with a task, or more importantly are Overview documents. Being able to have a notes/attachments section that is project level, and not task level would be very useful.
    3. The only other comment (and it’s minor and not a deal breaker for me) is that I can only view 3 tasks, or sub tasks at a time. Yeah, they’re graphically cool the way you have them… but large project… that gets old pretty quick. A tighter vertical list or tree type list would make that much more functional.

    Thanks for the great work. If features 1 and 2 are a possibility, you guys would make my year.

    • iscope says:

      Hi David,

      Thanks so much for your approval and feedback, as for your requests:
      1. Contacts: on iScope 2c you will have 3 kinds of People: Creator of the task, Responsible for it, and Observers. The Creator can assign a Responsible(that can accept or not this task) and add all the Observers that are needed. The first two can do anything inside the task (add attachments, notes, comment, etc) and the observers can watch everything, but only comment in the chat.
      You will have a section where you can see them all: “People in this task”. You’ll be able to know which of your contacts have iScope too and edit their personal info (exept for the mail).
      2. Actually this is a good idea, we have talk about it a long time ago, but still we are working in the process, we’ll add it on future updates, that’s for sure.
      3. This will be too, we are on this right now, but on a future update.

      With iScope 2c, You will have the option to move your projects of iScope 1, that are backed up on dropbox, to the new iScope, watch your projects and task on a Web version of the app and more.

      Hope this info helps you, if you want more, please contact us here or mail us to

      Kind regards

  7. Steve Frey says:

    Will notifications be more flexible? Specifically now the badges count every task not yet completed, sometimes hundreds and months off. Would I have flexibility to have badges count tasks due in the next week only?

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