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Well, you’re the boss now… What you gunna do?
If we strip the bossy thing to its purest form, it means you’re now able to tell people WHAT to do and WHEN to do it. As the boss you are expected to decide how to manage their time, also bearing in mind that “WHAT” which should be aligned to your goals.

-What goals?
Either your company´s, your start-up, your church, family, scout group or whatever place where you are now the boss.

Just after explaining WHAT to do, you as a boss should tell your people WHEN you expect the task to be finished. The WHEN is less controllable than the WHAT, however it is crucial to bear this variable in mind as it permits one to coordinate all efforts arising from the WHAT. i.e. The typical instruction “I want you to bring me a sales report for last month” is useless if it comes four weeks late. It may sound obvious, but I’ve seen countless directions without an associated WHEN, hence, they get buried with new instructions.

If a task assigned in the WHAT comes with a WHEN that is in 10 minutes, that clearly means “drop everything you are doing and devote yourself to it immediately,” thus key priorities of the boss are set out in that WHEN.

The WHEN also requires some negotiation. In our world today, fewer people are performing a unique task, au contraire, jobs have become more complex, with several internal interactions within the office and with external suppliers, customers, call centers, in addition to the hundreds of random emails delivered straight into our inboxes.

As a third boss’ activity comes the rather distant “HOW”, how should your people do their tasks, and in this category hundreds of books have been written. There is an abundance of methodologies and self-help books plus the full range of management books, ranging from the Jack Welsh’s command and control style to Henry Mintzberg’s full companies as communities.

Each leader must also choose the work style that is comfortable to him/her and his/her team, which must also be consistent with the organization, however the three tasks, WHAT, WHEN and HOW, are inescapable.

Is there such a management tool around?
iScope is a tool designed to help the boss lead his/her team on WHAT to do and WHEN to do it. Allows the boss to work on an inspiring project and then break it down into a series of tasks that allow effective execution.

iScope is an organizer of projects and tasks for the boss and the whole team. You as a boss begin by defining the big picture of a project and then you divide it into its component parts, called tasks. Each task has a WHAT and WHEN delivered to someone responsible for completing it. That person can take the job and again, separate it into smaller tasks according to their way of doing things. These tasks are assigned and completed to the extent that each person fits their priorities to other tasks.

The remarkable thing is that the boss has visibility of everything that is happening within your business or organization regardless of the methodology used by the people performing their tasks.  Additionally the boss can know, in real-time the progress of each project through a dashboard.

As you might expect, everything is mobile these days, so iScope also can be used on the iPhone, iPad, PC, MAC, Android and even your refrigerator if it’s online.

With iScope you can be a boss, like a boss.
Download iOS version here.
Download Android Beta version here.



Project planning is an art. It involves breaking a goal down into small tasks, then assigning and scheduling those tasks so the work continuously moves toward the finish line.

Traditional project planning tools are designed to handle a complex series of tasks. They’re perfect for programmers and engineers but for the average small-business owner, it can be a steep learning curve.

Why not start with something simpler? Here are three iPad apps that take a more creative approach to planning a small project.

1. iScope — Project Management 4 Humans

This app uses an intuitive interface that looks like a leather trimmed desk blotter. The action is based on task cards which sit on three horizontal rails. Each rail represents a deeper level of sub-tasks, so you can easily break goals into manageable chunks. Click on a task card to add deadlines, write notes and attach files. iScope also has its own contact list so you can contact and assign tasks to team members without leaving the app.

The Project Dashboard tool is where you’ll find pie charts and graphs that show your progress on each project. It also shows the progress of each team member so you know at a glance who needs a follow-up call.

The downside to the iScope’s friendly interface is that you can only see a minimal amount of information at one time so it’s best for short-term projects with a minimal number of tasks.

iScope for the iPad is free to try. The full version costs $9.99.

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01 - iScope 2cDear iScope’s users:

This couple of days we have been receiving lots of emails of people wondering what’s going on in iScope.

As some of you might have heard, our small company is getting bigger.

Since iScope 1.0 was launch we have received loads of feedback; more than 2500 user’s emails asking for help, sending us suggestions or yelling out for little bugs in the app. Some others just send us their love and thank us for our work.

All this silent period has been a low flight, under the radar working time, with little sleep, transforming coffee cups into code. Thousands of brainstorming sessions were blended to make reality our largest and most important dream yet, iScope 2c.

From all this work and feedback, iScope 2c is taking shape and its close to see the light as a new app with new features, full collaborative, so you can work together with your team and get things done…

Now is when you can be a part of it, just by saying what’s the feature you would like the most on iScope 2c.

We invite you to write, tweet or send us any kind of signal to contribute to make this app the BEST project management and “get things done” app in the universe.



Everyday work today requires from a manager much more than what was needed just a few years ago. The basic managerial job remains the same; get your company, project or idea moving forward into a brighter future, taking good care of the present. Only today that role must be exercised in a much more complex environment. One ingredient of this complexity is the fact that the manager must collaborate with dozens of overeducated people that have a notable expertise in their particular field.

This abundance of education and knowledge is fantastic, but comes along with great human challenges for anyone leading the project or organization.

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Your favorite project manager… Just got better!

We’re happy to announce the new update is available (version 1.4). Now with retina support! (Only retina devices) and bug fixes (Purchase and Notes improvements)

Now go to the App Store and search for your updates.


About our contest “How iScope works on an iPad mini”

We have a winner: FRANK PARTIDA

He wrote us: “Well the app looks beautiful in the iPad mini. It’s just what I was looking for to help keep track of my projects.

I work for a large organization and we actually have project managers assigned to the work, but I find their methods to be too deep in the weeds. I wanted something that I could use to stay more high-level.

The iScope team is delighted to announce that Francisco Leon is our new Chief Technical Officer. He will take iScope to the next level delivering solutions that would wonder the human race.

Francisco is an Engineer with a specialisation in electronics (omg!) and a passion for programming. Besides he rides an urban bike to work, kudos on that!.

He would hold the responsibility for the technical affairs at iScope leading the programming team and both the internal and external services. Let’s send him good vibrations on this new life he is beginning.

The iScope team would like to welcome Macarenna as our brand new, top of the line Community Manager. She will take control over our communications with the several audiences we work with.
That’s users, future users, investors, reviewers journalists and anyone interested in the happenings at iScope.

She is designer and web developer, with a passion for aesthetics and human usability and a proud mother of twins.