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Wow, we are 60.000 people, that’s a lot!

We are very happy indeed. It has been less than a year and iScope has reached 60.000 users. It is a huge figure since we are an iPad-only app. It is like a full stadium everybody focused on their iPads organizing projects! Mmhh, besides that incredibly boring image, we wanted to make sure we are getting our message across.

We want people to work better; we want to value their time and their capacity to decide the best way to organize their projects and tasks in a visual way.
iScope is that, a visual organizer of the things that need to get done, an app where the most relevant is people and their commitments. Second to that come dates anddue dates.

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iOS6 hit us hard, but we’ll survive reinforced.

Last week there was terror and horror around the office, black tears appeared in our faces when the first user (blacktie72) sent us a report that there were trouble reading some PDFs…
Actually more than trouble, iScope crashed every time you wanted to read your book, note, recipe or invoice. And crashing is bad, very bad.

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One great source of inspiration for us has been smart people like Henry Mintzberg. I’ve read almost all of his works and particularly this paper, published in Harvard Business Review, hit me like a rock.

It is clear that we live in a different world today. Collaboration, communities and sense of belonging are fundamentals that a decade ago were of little significance in any workplace.

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Beginning this 2012 we launched the first version of iScope in the Apple AppStore. It was in such way an experiment that we celebrated the very first download with a BBQ at Sebastian’s home. The first goal was to set up a working prototype of iScope and get some 1,000 ths people to try it out.

So far, after 6 months, more than 40.000 of you guys have tried out iScope for your iPads, that’s much more than what we imagined!

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