From the monthly archives: "August 2014"

Well, you’re the boss now… What you gunna do?
If we strip the bossy thing to its purest form, it means you’re now able to tell people WHAT to do and WHEN to do it. As the boss you are expected to decide how to manage their time, also bearing in mind that “WHAT” which should be aligned to your goals.

-What goals?
Either your company´s, your start-up, your church, family, scout group or whatever place where you are now the boss.

Just after explaining WHAT to do, you as a boss should tell your people WHEN you expect the task to be finished. The WHEN is less controllable than the WHAT, however it is crucial to bear this variable in mind as it permits one to coordinate all efforts arising from the WHAT. i.e. The typical instruction “I want you to bring me a sales report for last month” is useless if it comes four weeks late. It may sound obvious, but I’ve seen countless directions without an associated WHEN, hence, they get buried with new instructions.

If a task assigned in the WHAT comes with a WHEN that is in 10 minutes, that clearly means “drop everything you are doing and devote yourself to it immediately,” thus key priorities of the boss are set out in that WHEN.

The WHEN also requires some negotiation. In our world today, fewer people are performing a unique task, au contraire, jobs have become more complex, with several internal interactions within the office and with external suppliers, customers, call centers, in addition to the hundreds of random emails delivered straight into our inboxes.

As a third boss’ activity comes the rather distant “HOW”, how should your people do their tasks, and in this category hundreds of books have been written. There is an abundance of methodologies and self-help books plus the full range of management books, ranging from the Jack Welsh’s command and control style to Henry Mintzberg’s full companies as communities.

Each leader must also choose the work style that is comfortable to him/her and his/her team, which must also be consistent with the organization, however the three tasks, WHAT, WHEN and HOW, are inescapable.

Is there such a management tool around?
iScope is a tool designed to help the boss lead his/her team on WHAT to do and WHEN to do it. Allows the boss to work on an inspiring project and then break it down into a series of tasks that allow effective execution.

iScope is an organizer of projects and tasks for the boss and the whole team. You as a boss begin by defining the big picture of a project and then you divide it into its component parts, called tasks. Each task has a WHAT and WHEN delivered to someone responsible for completing it. That person can take the job and again, separate it into smaller tasks according to their way of doing things. These tasks are assigned and completed to the extent that each person fits their priorities to other tasks.

The remarkable thing is that the boss has visibility of everything that is happening within your business or organization regardless of the methodology used by the people performing their tasks.  Additionally the boss can know, in real-time the progress of each project through a dashboard.

As you might expect, everything is mobile these days, so iScope also can be used on the iPhone, iPad, PC, MAC, Android and even your refrigerator if it’s online.

With iScope you can be a boss, like a boss.
Download iOS version here.
Download Android Beta version here.