Everyday work today requires from a manager much more than what was needed just a few years ago. The basic managerial job remains the same; get your company, project or idea moving forward into a brighter future, taking good care of the present. Only today that role must be exercised in a much more complex environment. One ingredient of this complexity is the fact that the manager must collaborate with dozens of overeducated people that have a notable expertise in their particular field.

This abundance of education and knowledge is fantastic, but comes along with great human challenges for anyone leading the project or organization.

The traditional approach to solving the issue of the brighter future is to develop strategic plans and then deploy them to your team so they execute. Well, that approach is no longer valid at this times. Today any manager must let their teams to think on the solutions by themselves.

Making things more complicated is the fact that the manager must engage teams into project so they feel that their job is actually theirs. This ownership includes letting them find and execute proprietary solutions to the tasks they are responsible of, regardless of the role they might have. This might look like a planners hell, absolute lack of control, but if you think about it, these people are smart and educated, why would their solution to getting things done be bad or wrong.

We are working on a simple solution for this situation. Any of us, when managing, must decide what is that we are going to do. Define the objectives as clearly as possible, and then, instead of planning how to do that job, decide who is going to be responsible for that. Then the magic comes, you let the person responsible for the task to decide how it is going to be executed.

That simple swapping between the how and the whom, enables a big change in your organization and its results.

That’s the biggest revolution behind iScope, a deep belief that people are capable of great things, and that most of them are already prepared.



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