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4 Responses to Share your love with iScope!

  1. iscope says:

    Nairn Harrison send us: “Absolutely amazing App. Well done. I’ve been using this for the last two hours and can genuinely say this will help my daily task organising and productivity no end.”

  2. iscope says:

    Message from Jay: “Love the app…just need mulitiplatform”

  3. iscope says:

    Dennis wrote us: “I tested a lot of project management apps and I decided to get iscope and Im loving it. I just hope, however, that you will consider my wish list for future updates.”

    #iscopeapp on #Valentines

  4. iscope says:

    Fritzvpnshitz wrote us: “I manage project all over the country. Gnat charts were a mess to view on my iPad. This software is great and I can attache documents and pictures to a task along with being able to create sketches in the field. Highly recomended”

    Thank you Fritzvpnshitz!

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