iOS6 hit us hard, but we’ll survive reinforced.

Last week there was terror and horror around the office, black tears appeared in our faces when the first user (blacktie72) sent us a report that there were trouble reading some PDFs…
Actually more than trouble, iScope crashed every time you wanted to read your book, note, recipe or invoice. And crashing is bad, very bad.

Our subconscious immediately began shouting “I told you” .

I told you to read all iOS6 documentation.
I told you to run extensive tests in all iScope versions.
I told you to test every language, rotation, iPad version.

But we did not. Doh!

No one noticed the slight change in some obscure documentation that was clearly saying that changes were coming.

Anyway. We rushed, spending the last couple of nights with no sleep and being intravenously fed pizza and beer allowed us to deliver the shiny and bright, all new iScope 1.3.

We made it ready for iOS6, we run extensive tests and even gave it to some strangers so we could test totally random functions. And it works. (It is so funny to see someone interact for the very first time with an iPad)

As we write this, Apple is approving our new iScope 1.3 and it should be in your iPad anytime now.

We learned a hard lesson, we apologize for the inconvenience and we promise not to bother you anytime soon, at least with PDF stuff.

George @ iScope

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2 Responses to iOS6 hit us hard

  1. I just installed iScope so unfortunately I won’t be competing in your review contest. However, I like the look of the application and the tenor of your enthusiasm, so I’ll keep you posted as I implement. I really need something to help me keep track of what I’m doing and I hope iScope will do that. Thanks, Michael Wassil. And merry Christmas!

    • iscope says:

      Hi Michael!
      We’re sorry that you’re out of our contest!
      We really apreciate your comment, we hope that iScope help you track your work, too.
      Thank you for write us and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!


      iScope Team

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