01 - iScope 2cDear iScope’s users:

This couple of days we have been receiving lots of emails of people wondering what’s going on in iScope.

As some of you might have heard, our small company is getting bigger.

Since iScope 1.0 was launch we have received loads of feedback; more than 2500 user’s emails asking for help, sending us suggestions or yelling out for little bugs in the app. Some others just send us their love and thank us for our work.

All this silent period has been a low flight, under the radar working time, with little sleep, transforming coffee cups into code. Thousands of brainstorming sessions were blended to make reality our largest and most important dream yet, iScope 2c.

From all this work and feedback, iScope 2c is taking shape and its close to see the light as a new app with new features, full collaborative, so you can work together with your team and get things done…

Now is when you can be a part of it, just by saying what’s the feature you would like the most on iScope 2c.

We invite you to write, tweet or send us any kind of signal to contribute to make this app the BEST project management and “get things done” app in the universe.

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40 Responses to iScope 2c · Work Together and Get it Done!

  1. Sergio Adriano says:

    I wish it had a beautiful line chart with planned and conducted.
    Like this (but more beautiful):
    I think that is important the visual element.

  2. Sergio Adriano says:

    List taks in outline like omnifocus.

  3. Andy Burton says:

    Great product already. My wish list would include more flexibility in the progress bar e.g. 25, 50, 75, 100%

  4. Yomismito says:

    new app? not an update? i’ve just bought the app… please tell me it will be an update

  5. Dave Willer says:

    Please consider expanded functionality in the notes area. The limitations of font, size, etc. make it difficult to produce notations that communicate more information than simple words. A larger editing/viewing pane for notes would be great (full screen toggle). Also, the percent completion concept (25%, 50%, etc.) rather than 0 or 100 % would be helpful.

    • iscope says:

      Hi Dave!

      Thanks for your suggestions, those are the weak areas of iScope and we are putting a great deal of effort in making them better for iScope 2c. Yours is a fresh approach and the guys in development were quite exited with the full screen idea. Thanks!

  6. Michal says:

    Hi there!
    How about creating a new view WBS like, to better handle tasks list? I mean a tree like list with just a name of each task, that would allow seeing much more tasks at the same time – currently maximum 9 is visible at once.
    Details are perfectly accessible with current Scope Manager, but sometimes I lack a bit of overview.

    ToDo list would be nice as well, with filtering options like due date, project name etc.

  7. Dave Parella says:

    Hi, I bought our app, but was disappointed with the lack of integration with the iPad basics such as contacts, calendar or using other calendars from existing programs, ie, my google calendar syncs with my iPad, thus the same concept, iScope should be able to sync to my calendars

    As far as cloud drive support, support with skydrive would be greatly appreciated, I currently have all my files on skydrive, but your app only syncs to Dropbox which doesn’t help me to have to manage my files.

    • Dave Parella says:

      On the good side, I definitely ove the interface and ease of project management, as not every project needs a big gant view, and shifting timelines etc.
      Simple projects just need a simple interface, but leverage the existing common data from calendars, files, and contacts,

      Love the potential of the app.


    • iscope says:

      Hi David, you are right with the need for more integration with both Contacts and Calendar. As for a first step, the new version has the contacts integrated. Calendar coming soon too.
      For Skydrive, Google Drive or Box we are preparing a different approach that we are sure your’e going to like. Of course starting with our old friend, but quickly integrating the others.

      Please stay tuned.
      George @ iScope

  8. Tom Wright says:

    Here’s my two cents…or three.
    1. Grouping of projects on the left hand side. For instance I have an application called Business Risk Management and I have three different projects going on with it. Grouping them and making it accordian style on that group would be awesome.
    2. Expand the amount of text in the notes feature. I know this was addressed above, but it’s kind of a pain when I cannot incldue code snippets in my notes for projects that I am working on because of the limit of text.
    3. Print, Print, Print…..Did I say print. I would be awesome to print the dashboard to hand out in project meetings, and to give to supervisors to see where I am at in the project. As well as printing out all my projects. AND printing out project details, including notes and file attachements.
    4. Exporting to a zip file format. After the project is done I would love to export my project details to a zip file that I can email off or archive off.
    Okay I know that’s asking alot, but man that would be nice…not that this is not a nice app already.
    I know you guys are working hard…from a developers standpoint…I just cannot wait.

    Thanks Tom

  9. Jeff Mastromonico says:

    Have been trying to wait on iscope2 to make a project management software purchase but don’t see that it will be ready anytime soon. Any ideas as to when?

  10. Rick Fenton says:

    “Apple’s developer websites creep back online”

    Any closer to getting 2c up yet?


    • iscope says:

      Hi Rick,

      We did, but now we are working on some details that appeared with iOS 7 and other problematics bugs, we hope to be ready in 3 weeks from now.

      Thanks for the tracking, it motivates us to do it as soon as possible!

      Kind Regards,

      Dani @ iScope

  11. Kristi Benton says:

    Need to make updating a responsible parties info easier. So far I can’t find where to go in and make changes to a contact.

    • iscope says:

      Hi Kristi,

      In the next update you will be able to change the contacts info! So don’t worry.
      Keep sending us your feedback, it’s always usefull.

      Kind Regards,

      Dani @ iScope

  12. Jacob says:

    any idea when the new app iscope 2c will be released?

    • iscope says:

      Hi Jacob,

      We are working really hard to do it as soon as possible, hope to be ready in 3 weeks from now and then wait for Apple’s approval.
      So be alert!


      Dani @ iScope

  13. Tobi says:

    First of all, nice and innovative way for managing projects!

    I would have one demand and Feedback:
    “Platform independence”

    Please consider a full functional web plattform so that you can work with this app on every OS!
    - Resources can be invited via the iOS app (for free :P)
    - Otherwise Ressource slots for the web plattform can be bought once

    This would bei just perfect!

  14. Dave P says:

    Am I the only one that has to present project overviews at team meetings? Being able to export or print, even a iPad screen shot would work for a brief project overview. (similar to an excel spreadsheet). Project name, work order number, team member names, completion date, progress. And it would really be nice to be able to add a column or field to fit company oriented terms. Thanks

    • iscope says:

      Hi Dave,

      Uff, you are not the only one (we needed it too!), that’s why we are developing a new report system where you will be able to present the information you find relevant of your project’s progress. You will be able to export the report, via email or to a PDF, and print it.
      Hope this help you on future meetings! :)
      About the company information, is a really good idea, we have think of something similar and we will work hard to have it on future updates.

      Great feedback!

  15. Sean O'Rear says:

    How about Evernote integration

  16. Tobi says:

    Do You now have a final Release Date?

  17. Panos says:

    Can i have access to my tasks from a pc as well?

  18. Truebador says:

    I find I often have similar tasks I would like to recycle for other departments or projects without having to recreate them. Is this possible?

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