Wow, we are 60.000 people, that’s a lot!

We are very happy indeed. It has been less than a year and iScope has reached 60.000 users. It is a huge figure since we are an iPad-only app. It is like a full stadium everybody focused on their iPads organizing projects! Mmhh, besides that incredibly boring image, we wanted to make sure we are getting our message across.

We want people to work better; we want to value their time and their capacity to decide the best way to organize their projects and tasks in a visual way.
iScope is that, a visual organizer of the things that need to get done, an app where the most relevant is people and their commitments. Second to that come dates anddue dates.

Human touch.
We have been tortured for decades with MS Project and its over complex and rather unrealistic assumptions about knowing the future and how long takes to do things.
Who knows what is going to happen in 3 months from today? I can hardly know what is going to happen next week. And also, I’m sure that in a week from today some extra information will appear. A customer with urgency, a new idea, someone getting sick, who knows. That flexibility or bending possibilities is what makes iScope great.

We also have been working a lot to include the natural way we think in into iScope. For example, if you were to estimate how long does it takes to learn to kitesurf, we are pretty sure that in your head there is no such thing as August 9 th; instead,  something like “4 to 9 months”, or “at least a summer”. So for any forward-looking project, we humans have an estimate duration that includes a fair amount of tolerance in the due date. Considering that, iScope includes the option of selecting fixed due dates and also “X weeks/days/months from today”.

That’s only some of the features we are including in iScope. For now, we are happy to announce that the iOS6 mayhem is behind and that we can continue to focus in really productive ideas.

Go, give it a try.
iScope – Project Management for Humans

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One Response to And we are 60.000!

  1. Christine says:

    Congratulations for the 60,000 !
    and for your app, too!
    Is a fantastic support for work managment.
    Sometimes crashes, but the data inserted is almost always saved immediately.
    I think, that the app need some improvements and is really good to know that you think in become better, and that you really listen to user requirements.

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