It’s always nice to know when we do things the right way, but we also want to know when we mess things up or where we can improve.

Our team is constantly working on improving our app and we really want to hear what you need as well as things that you like or don’t like that much…

Here you can tell us your suggestions, resolve all your doubts, make questions or just share your love with us ♥ !

So let us know what you think, just click on the “Feedback” icon on the left…

happy posting!

14 Responses to Feedback

  1. Filip says:

    im using your App for two days and i have to say, its great…but, i have some things for improvment:
    1. All platformes – it will be great, becasue im using Windows on my work comp and iPad out of office every day
    2. Keyboard position – when im adding new task so sw keyboard overlay active window with tasks details
    3. Changing tasks to subtasks – whatabout to change task to sub-task with finger? something like grouping icons in iOS
    4. Send Tasks to colleagues – it will be great to send a new task to Person in charge

    All the best to happy new year….

    • iscope says:

      Dear Filip:
      Thank you for using iScope!
      I have some news for you… we’re already working on our next version coming soon early next year… with all the improvements that you mention on your post!
      Full collaborative experience, more platforms like iPhone, web, Android and a new way of get your things done!

      Keep using iScope and a happy new year for you too!

      iScope Team

  2. Sidd says:

    Just got the app, but one suggestion i have is that i wish you could share it with the project team via pc. Possibly save your projects as pdf and email them to your team. Otherwise love the app

    • iscope says:

      Thank you for using iScope!

      We’re working on iScope 2C with new improvements like print reports and PDF generator for projects, and a full collaborative experience. You will be available to work with your team and use iScope in multiple devices (web, iPhone and more…)

      Don’t worry you will get to know.


      iScope Team

  3. chris says:

    Both of the above updates would make this an absolute must have. Drag to Subtask rather than just reorder is essential, and report or task – export to doc or PDF would be great.

    Great ap so far. Recommended.

    • iscope says:

      Hi Chris:
      Thank you for recommended us!
      I will tell you a little secret, we’re working at this time on iScope 2C, a new platform to work with all the best of iScope with a lot of new things and improvements (like re order tasks and export to PDF)… you will love it!


      iScope Team

  4. Z says:

    Any announcement on when iscope 2c will come out? And will it be an update or a new app?

    • iscope says:

      Hi Z!

      We’d love to know when as well!

      Just joking … we hope launch iScope 2c in a month from today, and it will be an update AND a new app.
      All of our users will have the chance of having iScope 2c, migrating their projects, or keeping iScope as they know it.

      Stay tunned!

  5. cameron says:

    Been using for a week now.. looks great.

    A few constructive comments.
    1. Dosent work on multi device?? whats up with that – I need it on iphone and mack air!
    2. Not that easy to navigate around

    Is it worth $10 – only if these are improved.

  6. Vignes says:

    Bug report:
    A long notes comments are not able to be reviewed after i close the app. When viewing the notes tab it is truncated. When click to open and edit the text previously keyed in is not displayed anymore. i am not able to refer to the notes i created in the app.

    • Vignes says:

      Additional comment: the only way to view this is to view from the list of notes on the dashboard. Furthermore typing a long note, you will have yourself typing blind because the keyboard hides the keyed in text.

    • iscope says:

      The notes have a character limit and unfortunately because of that is that you can’t see beyond or write more.
      This is one of our weak areas and we are putting a great effort in fix it for iScope 2c.

      If you are having troubles with something else, please write us to

  7. Colleen says:

    I love this app and been using it for years, paid the 9.99 for the pro version and desire to have a integration for the PC. because i work with a bunch of people that has a PC.

    Please make this for PC.

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