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2 Responses to Our Community

  1. Helen says:

    I have previously bought this app but I can’t seem to download on to my new ipad

    • iscope says:

      Hi Helen,
      iScope is not a new download, when you bought the application you unlocked the features of the full version. Once the purchase went through, iScope should reload the current view you were into and you should have access to all the features.

      If that didn’t happen, please exit the app, close it from the background list (*), and relaunch it. You should now see on the settings view, a different header without the purchasing options, if not, please go to setting menu and press “Restore Old Purchase”.

      Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

      (*) When you double-tap the home button of your iPad, the dock will show a list of all the recently used apps and some of them could still be running in the background. You tap and hold your finger on the app icon until it begins to jiggle and you can then press the red “minus” sign to close one or more of these background apps. If a particular app is not running, this action will simply remove its listing from the multitasking bar.

      Let as know!

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